Do you ever have questions or get a revelation when you are reading God’s Word and would love to have someone to discuss them with?  Well, Wednesday nights could be your opportunity to connect with people that want more than just casual bible reading, people that are serious seekers of truth.

Our Christian Education Department provides opportunities to grow in Christ while building close friendships that we so often miss in our world of advanced electronics.  You will experience the love of God through real people listening and caring for each other.    All of our classes are designed with age appropriate methods to reach each student, strengthen his or her foundation of faith and lead him or her to a deeper walk with God.
The following classes take place on Wednesday evenings starting at 6:00 pm:

Adult Bible Study in the Sanctuary – Speakers teach directly from the scriptures in a relaxed atmosphere that allows everyone to provide input and ask questions.

Women of the WORD (Ladies Class) –   Would you like to meet other ladies who are serious about pursuing Jesus – ladies that have discovered the truth of God’s Word and are living victoriously by applying it to their lives?  Women are meeting each week to pursue their passion to grow in Christ.  They discover how the power of God will guide and strengthen them to enable them to fulfill God’s plan for their lives.  When women meet together, incredible things can happen.  We invite you to join us!

Children’s Classes – Children are a very important part of our church family. The goal of the Christian Education Department is to transform the lives of our children by helping them to become more like Jesus.  We have designed their classes to be fun-filled with creative teaching methods where they learn the basic principles of the Christian faith.

Youth – Youth meet in the loft for grades 7 -12. Here they open the Word, share together and discuss issues of the day.