The Practical Application of Our Faith

Title The Practical Application of Our Faith : “How’s Your Feet?”
Speaker Pastor Don Wolabaugh
Date 03/06/2016
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The Practical Application of Our Faith

“How’s Your Feet?”


What is God breathing on in your life?

Nothing has life until God breathes on it.


Romans 10:9-17

How will the people in your circle of influence believe if they haven’t really heard? How beautiful are the feet of them, that preach the good news. That word means, “to herald, to proclaim, to announce publicly.”

Well, they have already heard…. Faith comes by hearing, not by having heard. It’s our responsibility.


Matthew 28:16-20

When you’re fully convinced, you’ll worship.

Power.. gk. “Exousia” means authority.  All authority is given to Jesus.

(Luke 10:19) he gives us authority over all the power (gk. dunamis) of the enemy. That means Jesus has authority, and you have authority. Guess who doesn’t have authority? The only authority the devil has is the authority he usurps from us when we yield it to him.

Go ye therefore… because you have this authority.

Teach.. gk “matheteuo” … to disciple or become a pupil.


Are we making Converts, or Disciples?

We fail to make converts because we feel like we’re ill-equipped.


“If you were to die today, and the Lord would ask you, “Why should I let you into my heaven?”, how would you respond”


Disciples: What is a disciple?


Five Purposes of a disciple:


A disciple is one who:


  • Is pleasing God every day, this is true Worship. They realize that they are planned for God’s pleasure.
  • Is an active member of a local body of believers, which is Fellowship. They understand that they are formed for a family.
  • Is learning to be more Christ-like in their behavior every day, which is Discipleship. They realize they are created to become like Christ.
  • Is serving sacrificially within the local body of believers, which is Ministry. They know how they have been shaped for service and live it out continually.
  • Is sharing God’s love, forgiveness and hope with people who do not know Christ, which is Mission. They declare openly and confidently, “I was made for a mission.”


Jesus calls us, to make disciples, and teach them to observe all things he commanded us.


Your life is an open book. Your call is to lead others to Christ, and live out the example before them.


What are they reading about in your “book”?





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