Heart of a Dreamer

Title Heart of a Dreamer
Speaker Pastor Don Wolabaugh
Date 11/01/2015
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The Heart of a Dreamer


Habakkuk 1:5

“You wouldn’t believe it if somebody told you”…. That’s really good news!


Mark 11:22-24

What are you ready to believe God for?

Acorns are a sign from God to have faith, to believe for something bigger.

We have to learn to celebrate the seed.


1 Kings 18:1; 41-46

When you can celebrate a cloud the size of a man’s hand, you’ll get rain.

Jesus took five loaves and two fish and gave thanks, for the seed.


A God dream doesn’t drive you….. It draws you! Your dream didn’t originate in you, it resides in you, but God put it there. You have to come to Jesus for your dream to make sense. Without Jesus you might follow a dream for your life that God never put in your heart.

Sometimes your dream has to mature.


Moses encountered God, and then said, “I can do this, Pharaoh, set God’s people free!”

David got anointed, and when he saw the giant said “Give me my slingshot”

Samson feels the Holy Spirit come on him and picks up a jawbone and slays 1000 Philistines.


Footballs, paintbrushes, and tennis rackets.


John 6:5-12

The situation was overwhelming, the supplies were insufficient, but the surplus was abundant.


You say “There’s no way”…. Jesus says, “I am the way”!