God is a Giver, Not A Taker

Title God is a Giver, Not A Taker
Speaker Pastor Don Wolabaugh
Date 02/07/2016
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“God is a Giver, Not A Taker”


A God Who Gives

2 Corinthians 9:1-15
Romans 8:14
Our entire life should be governed by Holy Spirit including our giving. That should cover every area of our lives.

Lets look at what Paul says about giving. We need to look and feel about our giving the way God wants us to. Every gift should be God centered.
Notice, two kinds of giving are contrasted in verses 5-7
Three descriptions of how NOT to give; and three descriptions how to give.
Not as exaction, Not sparingly, Not reluctantly
But, a willing gift, bountifully, and cheerfully.

Look at how not to give: Each description stems from a desire to hold back.
Sparingly, to hold back. “Spare no effort” means don’t hold back. “Spare my life” means don’t take it from me.God “spared not his Son”
To give sparingly is from a heart that wants to hold back. We still give, because of external pressures and constraints that make us give something, but it’s from a heart that isn’t thinking of how much we can give, but rather how much we can keep.

On the positive side, vs 6, bountifully, translates from the basis of blessing. Our giving should rest on the truth that God is a bountifully blessing God, and our gift should be a bountiful blessing to others. Cheerfully.
Giving bountifully means from a heart that wants to share. Something happened in the heart so now it wants to give and share as much as possible rather than keep as much as possible.
Like a magnet switched and changed polarity.

What’s the difference? A sparing heart or a bountiful heart?

The sparing heart has a relationship to God that feels him as a Taker, not a Giver. If I look up and see the pointing finger of God saying “give me, give me, give me,” then how can I see the needs of the world around me and say “Here, Take me, I will gladly spend and be spent for your good.”
On the other hand, The bountiful heart has a relationship with God that feels him as a Giver not a Taker. This one looks up and sees God as “Supplier”, “Helper”, “Sufficient One”. You give and feel replenished, not drained. Your giving is based on blessing, God’s blessing! You see God as an inexhaustible giver!

He’s not the Great Taker, He’s the Great Giver!

The big issue is how we see God. And Paul knows and addresses the issue. He shows the reader that God is a giver on both sides of our giving. On the back side, enabling our giving, and on the front side, blessing our efforts with increase.

Vs. 8 Shows us God is a bountiful God. He is omnipotently able to give us whatever we need to be generous. He’s a Giver, not a Taker.
Vs. 9 Goes back to the seed.
Vs. 10 says He supplies the seed for us to sow. So God is the Giver on the backside of your giving. He gives us seed to scatter it abroad.

Don’t Eat Your Seed! Sow It!

Then he said, God will bless the Harvest of our Sowing.
God wants to be known, and loved and trusted as the Giver on both sides of our giving. He gives seed so we can sow it generously, and blesses the harvest so we can be rewarded for our generosity.
Giving should never be draining, burdensome, legalistic or oppressive.

Then Paul describes the results.
Vs. 11 An increased ability to be generous. The more you give, the more you’ll be able to give. It’s more blessed to give, so your joy will increase.
And the byproduct of your giving is increased thanksgiving to God. God gets glory when his people give generously. The people who sow most bountifully display vividly that God is an inexhaustible giver.
Vs. 12 The needs of saints are met, bringing more joy, and more thanksgiving.
Vs. 13-14 More glory to God, and increased love and affection of God’s people!

It’s really the bottom line of it all, my life, my ministry, my marriage, my family, is that God wants to be the Giver in my life and yours, so he will get the glory!