HSCKL Healing Course – (In House Registration Closed)

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HCSKL presents  Healing

As inheritors of a better covenant and participators in the Divine nature, we have access to divine health and a right to receive the healing Jesus purchased for all who would call upon His name.

In this eight week course we will be laying a strong biblical foundation and activating students in Healing and The Miraculous.

Through this course we will explore such topics as:

-The Children’s Bread

-The Blood and Atonement

-Gifts of Healings, Miracles and Faith

-Healing Anointing

-The Power, Authority and Dominion of Christ


-Thickening the Anointing

It’s going to be an amazing time in The Lord and an incredible time of breakthrough. Don’t miss your spot!

It is going to be an exciting time in Jesus.  Register now and join us for this exciting 8-week course!

*Must register online

Individual: $99

Married couples: $149

Thursdays at 6:00 pm

Harvest Chapel

1/4 – 2/22

**This course will be available online.

Encounter – 1st Saturday @ 6pm!

Encounter is the first service of our weekly Saturday night services!
Held the FIRST Saturday of each month at 6:00PM!

We will be hosting powerful services with great expectation that this will be a time of Passion and Presence in the Lord!

1st Saturday’s we host an array of different speakers as well as showcase powerful voices from our own house!

Mark your calendars!

HCSKL 51 Day Disc Set Available Now!

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In 2011 we launched an incredible 51 day school that is touching hearts, changing lives and releasing the perspective of God and His Kingdom Revelation on the earth!  Since that school, countless lives have been transformed and the demand has continued to grow to have those teachings available on DVD.

Unfortunately, our media department had limited means and low quality equipment.  While we did video record the school, it is not the quality we wish we could have been able to offer.  So for years we have not mass produced the Kingdom Living school.  But the demand keeps growing!  While the quality of the film is lacking, the quality of the message is increasing everyday!  There are many who are seeking this incredible teaching.

So we have answered the call!  We have mass produced the 51 days, with 51 DVDs. It was with a lot of hard work and expense that we have been able to provide this incredible content to you.  And we apologize that the video quality is not the excellence that we would want to provide.  We hope that the proceeds from these DVDs cover the production costs and can be used to further bless our media department so that we can offer future teachings with excellence.

We know that these teachings will enrich and empower your life and we cannot wait to hear from you!

* Day one, there is no visual for this day. – Our first shot at this and the devil must have gotten into the video equipment because we have no visual for that day only audio.  It still plays on your DVD player.   Enjoy it!  We didn’t let the devil win and neither will you!